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Most of the clients who come to the Detroit-area offices of Morgan & Meyers PLC have never contemplated filing a lawsuit. Although the insurance industry would have the public believe otherwise, most people are not litigious and are not always looking for a reason to sue. Our clients are only in their position because a tragedy resulting from another party's negligence has occurred, not because our clients really want to file a lawsuit.

Understanding where a victim is coming from is important for a lawyer who is representing someone who is catastrophically injured or someone who has lost a loved one in an accident. It is an attorney's job to not only aggressively represent a client's interests, but to also provide them with compassionate guidance through the litigation process. Our attorneys are committed to providing our clients with the counsel they need while working to hold negligent parties accountable.

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Finding Out What Went Wrong In Order To Reach A Successful Resolution

The reality of personal injury litigation is that at least 90 percent of cases are settled out of court. Outstanding results are only obtained through meticulous preparation that is carried out every day until the case is resolved. Understanding complex, scientific, medical, and technical issues through collaboration and consultation with renowned expert witnesses is the heart of case preparation.

The attorney representing a seriously injured client must understand exactly what went wrong. It is only through an understanding of the scientific, medical or technical issues that an attorney can critically evaluate a client's case, and develop successful litigation strategies designed to help achieve successful results.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to the negligent acts of another, you may be entitled to financial compensation. We will help develop a complete picture of your losses to help ensure that you receive the damages you deserve. For a free initial consultation, call 866-428-2047 or contact us online.