4.389 Million Dollar Jury Verdict In Medical Malpractice Case

December 18, 2016  /  Jeff Meyers

A Medical malpractice action alleging a failure to diagnose a cancerous tumor in patient's thigh. Despite the fact that the Plaintiff presented to the Defendant physician with complaints of pain and a lump in his thigh, the physician failed to order an ultrasound or MRI and failed to include a cancerous mass in his differential diagnosis. The tumor continued to grow until diagnosed approximately two years after initial presentation. Despite aggressive treatment the cancer recurred and metastasized to the patient's spine and lungs. Plaintiff contended that the physician should have appropriately worked up the mass at a treatable stage. Instead, the physician assumed the mass was a fatty tumor known as a lipoma and never ordered appropriate testing including ultrasound or MRI. Attorneys Jeffrey T. Meyers and Timothy M. Takala are responsible for securing the verdict.