Anesthesia Errors And Medical Malpractice Claims

Most people think of an anesthesiologist as the person who administers anesthesia, nothing more or less. However, anesthesiologists are also responsible for monitoring your vital signs and monitoring bodily functions during surgery. When anesthesiologists or other medical professionals are inattentive or otherwise negligent, serious, sometimes fatal, injuries can occur.

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Working To Recover Full And Fair Compensation

An anesthesia error may involve something as basic as administering too much or too little medication. Other injuries may result from improper placement of intubation tubes, positioning a patient in a way that leads to an injury or failing to monitor a patient for signs of trouble.

Anesthesia errors can result in catastrophic injuries, some of which may require a lifetime of medical care. In these cases, it is important to seek representation from experienced legal counsel who know how to build a strong medical malpractice case. Our attorneys work with a team of experts to help develop a complete picture of your losses and the types of expenses you may expect down the road. We are committed to helping you recover the full and fair compensation you need.

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