Birth Injuries: Shoulder Dystocia

Although everyone desires a smooth labor and delivery process, the fact is complications can and do arise. Medical professionals are tasked with monitoring warning signs, both prenatally and during labor. When doctors or others fail to properly monitor the situation, serious birth injuries such as shoulder dystocia can occur.

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How Does Shoulder Dystocia Occur?

Shoulder dystocia occurs when an infant's shoulders become stuck in the birth canal. This is considered a medical emergency, and the labor and delivery team should take immediate action to help get the infant delivered. Failure to act or excessive force on part of the delivery team may result in serious medical conditions, including nerve damage, broken bones, Erb's palsy and brain damage. In extreme cases, the injuries may prove to be fatal.

Holding Negligent Medical Professionals Accountable

Doctors and other medical professionals are held to a standard duty of care. If prenatal monitoring shows that an infant is at risk for shoulder dystocia, the labor and delivery team should be prepared to take quick action if this becomes a problem. Also, if a previous birth involved shoulder dystocia, there is an elevated risk that subsequent births may result in shoulder dystocia. Even if there are no prior warning signs, medical professionals must be prepared for such an event and respond in accordance with the accepted standard of care.

If the medical professionals involved in the delivery process fail to monitor both mother and baby, or if they use excessive force in an attempt to deliver the infant, they may be liable for medical malpractice. Malpractice claims are notoriously difficult to prove and having experienced legal counsel in your corner is essential.

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