Medical Malpractice: Failure To Diagnose Cancer

When it comes to diagnosing cancer, timeliness is crucial. Generally speaking, when cancer is caught early there are more options available for treatment and there is a more favorable prognosis for a patient's outcome. When medical professionals fail to diagnose cancer in a reasonable amount of time, the results can be devastating, both for the patient and family members.

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Determining What Went Wrong

We work closely with medical experts to help find out what may have led to a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose cancer. We can help determine whether:

  • Tests were not performed, despite a family history indicating potential risks
  • A doctor or medical professional failed to listen to a patient
  • Proper tests were carried out
  • Test results were accurately interpreted
  • A patient was informed of treatment options

These types of cases are complicated. In some instances, a misdiagnosis may not rise to the level of medical malpractice that is required under the law. That is why we thoroughly review all of the available evidence and provide you with the information you need to help choose the best path forward.

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