Malpractice Claims: Hospital And Doctor Denying Fault

In the past, if a suspected case of medical malpractice occurred in a clinic or a hospital, it was common practice for doctors and other medical professionals to keep their mouths shut, if not outright deny that any malpractice had occurred. Nowadays, many medical professionals and institutions feel that it can be beneficial to provide an apology to the people who are harmed by possible medical malpractice. While this gesture is often appreciated, it is still typical for hospitals and doctors to deny fault if any legal action is threatened.

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Was The Medical Standard Of Care Breached?

The general premise of personal injury law is that everyone is owed a duty of care. When that duty is breached, for example by a reckless driver who causes an accident or through a defective product that reached the market, then the person who has been harmed by the breach can sue for negligence.

Medical malpractice operates on a somewhat different scale. In order to successfully win a malpractice claim, you must show that the medical standard of care was breached. There is a certain amount of risk that comes along with any type of medical procedure. Accidents and injuries do occur, and when they do they may not amount to malpractice. However, if it can be shown that harm resulted because the accepted medical standard of care was not followed, you will have a strong claim for malpractice.

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